Happy New Year

Monday, December 31, 2012


I must say, 2012 was one of my better years. A few highlights include moving to a new home in a new town, losing the baby weight, and finally feeling like I've got this two kids thing down (most of the time). 

But whether you are clinking glasses cheering to a great 2012, or tipping back your glass thinking 'thank gawd this year is over', make sure you say goodbye to twenty twelve with style. 
And by style I mean with a bar cart.

They aren't hard to put together. Plus, after the Christmas hoopla you are probably a pro at throwing something together last minute. Just a few things from the nearest liquor store, a quick stop at a local boutique or thrift store, and you are ready to set up shop (bar). 

first things first...

add some fruit 

and the standard glassware

mix in some festive details


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