12 Days of Edible Gifts: Cigar Goodie Box

Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is my absolute favorite gift to make.

It's simple, fun and unexpected.
Not to mention inexpensive. Most cigar stores will let you grab the empty cigar boxes for a $1.00 donation.

There is nothing to it.
Here's how:

Air out the box. To do this, keep them in a well ventilated area for a few days.
Once they are free of the cigar smell fill them with your favorite goodies.

For cookies line the inside of the box with tissue.
For candy I use cupcake tins.

When using candy, think variety. You want items that differ in color and texture but keep cohesion with the same type of theme. For instance, this candy box will be going to Dad, a lover of old fashioned candy. The lemon drops, nonpareil, and strawberry suckers all have a nostalgic theme, but differ in variety and texture.
For Easter I made the candy box using all pastel colored candies. Still keeping variety with different colored pastels and different textures.

You could always fill these with an assortment of nuts.

Or all different types of chocolate.

Or all red and pink for Valentines day....

Did I mention I love putting these together?

You get the idea.

Wrap them up with a pretty bow and voila!



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