Monday, November 14, 2011

Nothing excites me quite like putting together an antipasto platter! Ok that makes me sound really lame, but it's true! 

I love perusing the aisle of the specialty store and finding inspiring ingredients. When I win the lottery, I will do all my grocery shopping at a specialty market like Whole Foods. Until then I will shop there for antipasto ingredients and sushi. The staff is always knowledgeable, food quality is always great, and there are always free samples! 

Antipasto platters are great for almost any gathering.

Pregaming at your place with a few friends? Antipasto.
Feel like having a glass of wine and staying in? Antipasto.
Dinner party? Antipasto.
Holiday at your place? Antipasto.

ok you get it.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Do choose items that vary in texture, flavor, and color. 

Do offer 3 to 5 different cheeses. Think soft, hard, pungent, mild etc. 

Do offer 2 to 5 different meats. Again think variety; spicy, sweet, thick, thin etc. 

Do include marinated veggies for color.

Don't buy pre-sliced meats and cheeses.

Don't serve olives with pits. You don't want anyone cracking a tooth!

Do include a stick of bread or crackers with the platter.

Don't leave a lot of empty space on the platter. Use fillers such as a vine of cherry tomatoes or a vine of grapes. 

Do pour yourself a glass of wine.

Here is a list of crowd pleasers:


goat cheese
blue cheese

roasted red peppers
marinated artichokes
balsamic chippolini onions
stuffed hot peppers

Hosting Thanksgiving? You might want to put together an antipasto for guests to snack on. Those turkeys can be a bit stubborn in the oven!



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