Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Fourth of July is almost here! We, along with most of New England, are going on a road trip to Cape Cod! If unprepared, we will face hours upon hours of traffic, a restless 3 year old, and a very impatient husband. So, to make the trip down more enjoyable, I ventured to Target and put together a little care package.

{The Car Care Package}

The adult care package includes some good chocolate, cold drinks, old-fashioned candy, and home-made Chex mix. The red bucket is actually an ice-bucket which will be great upon our arrival to the hotel…. champagne anyone?

For the kiddos we have some oh-so-necessary entertainment (including stickers to decorate the pail), favorite snacks, juice boxes, and of course wipes. The bucket is a sand pail with a shovel. Great for the beach!

Happy Traveling!

Side note. There should be a tutorial on how to shop at Target without buying the added ‘things I didn’t know I actually needed’. I would love to meet the person who can walk through Target purchasing only what they initially walked in for. If you have any tips on this PLEASE let me know!!!
At least they have the dollar spot.


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